Cloud Hosting Consolidation FAQ

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Here’s everything you need to know about the changes you’ll see to your hosting plan.

Will existing Cloud Hosting and email customers be impacted?

No. There won’t be any disruption to existing Cloud services. This change will only applies to new orders of Cloud Hosting and Email products. If you have a Cloud Reseller plan you can continue to add customers and products up to the limit of your plan. Individual shared hosting plans can still be upgraded or downgraded. 
We are working on a plan to migrate existing Cloud hosting customers onto cPanel Hosting and Windows 2012 and Cloud email hosting customers to Office 365 this year, starting with Windows hosting very shortly. We will communicate our plans for migration well in advance to make the transition as seamless as possible.

What Email Hosting options do I now have?
We have recently launched Office 365 and integrated it into The Console. This includes full automation for ordering and creation of the complicated DNS records required for Office 365. It will also give you the ability to create users, update passwords, add licenses without needing to access the Microsoft portal (which is also linked directly from your account for more advanced features). Office 365 provides much more than email hosting but a whole suite of productivity and collaboration tools. To find out more, take a look at our email specs page or contact your Account Manager.
What about Windows Hosting?
Previously Cloud Hosting was the only option for Windows sites. We now have a new set of Windows hosting plans on Windows Server 2012 available for customers. You can purchase the plans directly from your console. For more information please reach out to your Account Manager. 
Is there anything to action?

No action is required. After Monday, 1 April, 2019, only cPanel will be available for purchase for new Linux hosting, Windows Server 2012 for Windows plans and Office 365 for all email hosting plans. We recommend any new hosting orders that you place from now on are either on cPanel, our Windows 2012 environment and Office 365 for email to minimise migrations later. 
Why the changes?
cPanel Hosting is the gold standard in Linux webhosting control panels and is much more user friendly than any other interface. The platform continues to be improved and new features are added frequently to support many more features than our Cloud Hosting platform. Windows Server 2012 provides an upgrade from our older platform with added features not available on 2003 or 2008 R2.
Office 365 is a world leader when it comes to email hosting. Not only is it much more feature rich and stable but it is packed with productivity and collaboration tools.
What will happen if I try and place a Cloud Hosting order?

From Monday the 1st of April 2019 the Cloud Hosting and Cloud email products will be discontinued and will not be available for new orders in the Reseller portal or Whitelabel shopping cart. 
Need more information?

Contact your Account Manager, call us on 1300 885 884 or visit our contact page
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