Melbourne IT Affiliate to TPP Wholesale Reseller Migration FAQ

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Who is TPP Wholesale?


TPP Wholesale is Australia and New Zealand’s largest wholesale provider, with over 21,000 partners and is part of the Melbourne IT Group. As a TPP Wholesale partner, you will have access to a dedicated Account Manager as well as improved levels of support from our 24/7 support team.  


Why am I being moved from Melbourne IT to TPP Wholesale?


As part of our brand consolidation, your Melbourne IT Affiliate account will be moving to TPP Wholesale where you will experience world-class infrastructure and an industry leading management console that provides much higher levels of automation and improved functionality.


As you hold an Affiliate account with us, you will be consolidated into the TPP Wholesale Affiliate channel and interface.


What changes will occur to Support operations and your staff whom I currently deal with?


You will now have access to an experienced Wholesale Support and Account Management team who assist our TPP Wholesale partners. Our team have years of experience across both platforms so are perfectly positioned to help you during the transition.   


When will my Affiliate account be upgraded to a TPP Wholesale Affiliate account?


The consolidation is scheduled to occur during February 2018. More details will be communicated by email closer to the date when your account is scheduled for consolidation.


What will happen with my old Melbourne IT Affiliate agreement and service?


Your current Melbourne IT Affiliate service and agreement will be terminated on the migration date. You will receive an email serving as notice of termination of your existing contract. Upon migration (which is scheduled to occur prior to the termination of your legacy service), you will be subject to TPP Wholesale Terms & Conditions and deemed to have accepted these terms.   


What happens if I have questions about my account as part of the consolidation?


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns; we value your input and are happy to assist wherever possible. Please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager on (02) 9215 6001, or email us at


Where can I find out more information about the new platform?


You can find comprehensive support articles and a detailed user guide for TPP Wholesale at




What will the new Affiliate web interface be called?    


The new Affiliate web interface will be referred to as the ‘The Console’. This will replace the current Melbourne IT Account Management Portal.

How do I log in after my account is upgraded?

You can log in to the TPP Wholesale Affiliate Admin Panel via

Will my username or password change?   


Your username and password will remain unchanged. Please remember to enter your username using uppercase characters


What are the main differences between the Melbourne IT and TPP Wholesale Affiliate interface?


In addition to the current functionality, there will be a host of new features in TPP Wholesale administration platform that have been designed specifically for Affiliates.


In TPP Wholesale, affiliates will have a default purchasing account to help streamline the transaction process. As soon as your affiliate account is upgraded to TPP, we strongly encourage you to log in and set your preferred payment method. For the majority of partners, purchases are made via prepaid credit or a credit card; these will be the most common settings in the new interface. If you need some help with this or any other setting, please get in touch with our account management team and we will be happy to assist.




What domain name extensions will be available for registration, renewal and transfer?


All extensions that you currently have available for registration, renewal and transfer are also available in TPP Wholesale. You can also view a list of domain extension available via the "Domains" drop-down menu in the new interface.


Will the registrar of my existing domains change?


No, all existing domains that you own will still be registered through Melbourne IT as your existing Registrar of Record, and this will not change as a result of this upgrade. You will still be able to access and manage these domains through our TPP systems.


Who will new domain names be registered with?


All new domain registrations and transfer requests in the TPP Wholesale system will be completed via TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd - who will be listed as the Registrar of Record. This means if your customer performs a WHOIS lookup, they are redirected to the TPP Wholesale website, which has no public information about domain pricing or purchasing options. This is a feature of TPP Wholesale, as your customers will no longer be able to question your retail pricing.




My Domain name expires during the upgrade. How do I renew it?    

We ask all resellers to view all renewals around the migration date and be proactive in managing renewals with their clients to ensure there is no failure in renewing domain names during the upgrade period.

Are my domain prices changing? What price will I renew at?    


Your Melbourne IT pricing will be imported into your TPP Wholesale account. Similarly, your renewals will be at the same rates. If there are any future changes to prices, you will be notified via email prior to the changes taking effect.




What hosting products will be available after consolidation?


TPP Wholesale has a number of hosting services that provide excellent value and which are tailored specifically to resellers. A product guide will be provided to you shortly and your Account Manager will be able to discuss these products with you to determine what is right for your business model.

Tell me more about reseller hosting packages and buying in bulk.

TPP Wholesale have introduced bulk-purchase hosting options, allowing you to buy a block of resources and split them across a number of domains. This allows you greater freedom in the services you offer your customers, and can provide significant savings if you order numerous hosting services on behalf of your customers. Please refer to our product brochure or our account management team for further information.


How do I order Domain Manager in TPP Wholesale?


Domain Manager is available free of charge to resellers and can be purchased with a domain registration, or via the product order form in the reseller admin panel.


Will the same products that I purchase now be available in TPP Wholesale?


TPP Wholesale has a range of products and services that are designed specifically for resellers. We encourage you to speak with your account manager about the best products to meet your business needs.


Will management of my domains be interrupted by the upgrade process?


No. Your existing domains and services will continue uninterrupted throughout the upgrade. As the upgrade occurs, there will be a short window (of a few hours) where you will not be able to access the administration panel to place new orders, however we are working to keep this purchase disruption to an absolute minimum.




Who do I contact for support after the migration?


After the migration, please contact our dedicated Wholesale Support Team on (02) 9215 6247 or email During business hours you will be supported by experienced, Senior Technical Staff located in Sydney, Australia. Outside of core business hours, general phone support is available to assist our partners 24x7. For more contact information please visit


How do I contact your account management team?


TPP Wholesale's account management team are available on (02) 9215 6001 or email


Who will be handling my support queries before and after upgrade?


The same team who currently handle your Melbourne IT Reseller support and account management needs. Please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager on (02) 9215 6001, or email us at




I have existing annual subscription services, what changes can I expect in the upgrade to TPP Wholesale?


There are no changes to your existing annual subscription services. If you have elected to "auto-renew" your service, where a renewal will occur 30 days before expiry and extend the expiration date of your service by another year from its current expiration date, or you can turn auto-renew off, allowing you to choose whether or not to renew at the time of expiry.


If your payment fails or if auto-renew is turned off for your domain, you will receive reminder emails from us to renew your service and be able to renew automatically online at any time.  


Do you support direct debit in TPP Wholesale?


Unfortunately, we are unable to support Direct Debit as a payment method at this time. If you have services that are currently billed by direct debit, you will need to set a new payment preference for your reseller account as Pre-paid or Credit Card, depending on your individual needs.


Will my current payment method to pay my Melbourne IT account change with the consolidation?    


There will be no immediate changes to your payment method.  Our finance team will manage the existing Melbourne IT payment methods until the point of a complete changeover to the TPP Wholesale platform.  


Who will invoice me after the migration?    


Invoices will be issued from TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd (part of the Melbourne IT Group). Copies will be distributed electronically via email. You can also view and download invoices via your Console account.


To view your invoices through the Console:  

  1. Log in to the Admin Panel
  2. Hover over ‘Finances’ and click ‘View Invoices’

3. Select the invoice you want to review by clicking on the invoice number or the PDF link

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