Outgoing Mail Servers

If your email is hosted by TPP Wholesale, your outgoing mail server is: smtp.partnerconsole.net

However, if you are unable to send emails using this outgoing mail server, due to blacklisting or other issues, you can try using your internet service provider’s (ISP) outgoing mail servers to ensure your emails are sent out.

The list below provides the SMTP (outgoing mail server) details for Australia’s most common internet service providers. If you can’t find your internet service provider on the list below, you should be able to find it on their support pages.
aaNet mail.aanet.com.au
AAPT smartchat mail.aapt.net.au
Adam Internet mail.adam.com.au
Amnet mail.amnet.net.au
Blink Internet mail.blink.m2.com.au
Dodo smtp.dodo.com.au
EFTel/Datafast mail.eftel.net.au
HotKey Internet mail.hotkey.net.au
Internode mail.internode.on.net
iiNet mail.m.iinet.net.au
iPrimus smtp.iprimus.com.au
Netspace mail.netspace.net.au
OntheNet mail.onthenet.com.au
Optusnet mail.optusnet.com.au
Ozemail smtp.ozemail.com.au
OzForces smtp.ozforces.com.au
Pacific Internet smtp.pacific.net.au
People Telecom NSW: smtp.syd.people.net.au
Vic: smtp.mel.people.net.au
Qld: smtp.bri.people.net.au
SA/NT: smtp.adl.people.net.au
WA: smtp.per.people.net.au
Telstra BigPond mail.bigpond.com
Three (3G Mobile) smtp.three.com.au
TPG mail.tpg.com.au
TSN Internet mail.tsn.cc
Unwired esmtp.unwired.com.au
Virgin Mobile 3G smtp.virginbroadband.com.au
Vodafone 3G smtp.vodafone.net.au
Westnet mail.westnet.com.au
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