What’s the difference between Shared Cloud hosting and Reseller Cloud hosting?

Shared Cloud Hosting is a group of predefined packages providing a set limit of resources (disk space, email accounts, databases, bandwidth etc) and are assigned to an individual domain name. As the name implies "shared" cloud hosting services use resources from a pool being shared by multiple users at the same time making it an affordable and cost effective hosting solution.

Reseller Cloud Hosting is a platform designed to give resellers the flexibility to create and manage their own packages to supply to their customers. Reseller cloud hosting packages are provided a limited "pool" of resources (number of accounts, diskspace and bandwidth) which they can divide into individual packages. These packages can then be added to a customers domain name giving them a cloud hosting service with resources that have been defined by the reseller themselves. Reseller cloud hosting is an effective solution to configure and manage your own hosting services in a way that allows you to best service your customers needs without the need for several web hosting products.

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