What’s the Zone Manager?


The Zone Manager is used by customers who are subscribed to a Cloud Hosting, Domain Manager or an Email Hosting plan. If you are subscribed to cPanel Hosting plans you should read our Manage zone records using cPanel support article for instructions on how to manage your zone records. If you are not familiar with DNS or zone records, we recommend reading through our DNS article

Manage zone records using Zone Manager

  1. Log into your Account
  2. Manage the domain you want to make changes to
  3. Click Zone Manager
  4. From this page you can add, remove or edit zone records
  5. To add a zone record, select the record type you wish to add and follow the on-screen prompts

How do I edit each zone record type?

Below are links to support articles that provide step by step instructions on how to create each type of zone record within our Zone Manager interface.

Removing default zone records

When we setup a new subscription service, we create a number of default zone records within your domains zone file. On some older interfaces these records cannot be modified or deleted manually. The only method of removing these default zone records is by disabling the specific service which they are linked to. Read through the articles below for instructions on how to remove some of your default zone records on the older interfaces.

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