Activating all available TLDs

TPP Wholesale will be releasing new TLDs as they become available. These would automatically be added into your reseller admin panel, however they need to be activated before you, or your customers can register or transfer them.

How to activate TLDs in the pricing table

  1. Log in to your Reseller Admin Panel
  2. Under ‘Domains’ click ‘View & Edit Domain Pricing’


To check if there are any inactivated TLDs

  1. Scroll to the very bottom of your pricing table. Any TLDs listed with no pricing are inactivated.

For example, we can see here that .earth, .health and .pictures are not activated.


To activate all TLDs

  1. Tick the top left boxActivateTLD.PNG
  2. The console will take a few minutes to activate the TLDs, so please do not close or refresh the page. You may use a new window to keep working within your reseller admin portal
  3. Once the pricing table has updated. You can check if all TLDs are activated by scrolling to to the bottom of the page

Note: Activating a single TLD takes the same amount of time as activating multiple TLDs, it may be easier to bulk activate all TLDs instead.


To learn more on how to update your domain pricing, click here.

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