What are the new changes taking place to cPanel?

What are the new changes taking place to cPanel?

As of 1 July 2020, all new orders for shared cPanel plans for new customers (that don’t have cPanel on their domain name now), will be presented with four new cPanel plans that will be hosted on our brand new, industry leading platform. This is part of our continued upgrade of the backend systems that TPP Wholesale connects to.


Why are you making these changes?

As part of our integration to CentralNic backend platforms and after feedback from you in our reseller survey last year, we have built a brand new cPanel hosting platform in order to allow us to transition away from the previous owner’s infrastructure but also to make good on our commitment to providing our partners with true, world class, enterprise grade, hosting infrastructure.


What changes will I notice with the new platform?

Firstly, we think you will notice a massive increase in the performance of the platform. We have invested heavily off the back of your feedback in our reseller survey last year where you told us that you wanted a more robust hosting platform for your customers. In addition to the across the board improvements on the new platform, we have introduced two performance plans (cPanel Performance and cPanel Deluxe). These plans up the ante even more and will be suitable for even the most intensive sites.

All plans specifications have also been upgraded: SSD storage on all plans, as well as autoSSL, and we now have JetBackup on selected plans. No more manual back-ups – you can log in and restore at a click of a button!

Can all of my customers access these new plans?

For now, the new plans can only support domain names that do not have a current TPP Wholesale cPanel already provisioned. So your new customers or an existing customer that does yet have cPanel will be able to access these right now. For customers that have an existing cPanel service, these new plans are not available just yet but we are working on an upgrade plan which will be announced shortly.


How will I know which plans to purchase?

The new plans (as well as the legacy plans) are located here:



As per above, for the time being, these new plans will be available only to new cPanel orders for customers that do not have cPanel with us already. Existing cPanel customers will still be able to upgrade and downgrade on the old plans till we perform upgrades. We have also created logic in the console so that only the correct plans available to each subset of cPanel customers (new and existing) will be available for purchase.

How can I order a new cPanel plan if my customer has an existing cPanel plan?

Currently this will not be possible without backing up, cancelling the old plan first then purchasing the new plan. However we are working on some options for you to jump ahead of our formal upgrade process if you just can’t wait to move across.


Will you be upgrading my existing customer’s cPanel plans over soon?

Our plan in the next few months is to begin an orderly move and upgrade of existing cPanel customers to the plans on our new platform. We will update you soon once dates are confirmed. 


What if I want to move sooner?

There may be some options to move sooner if you have the technical capability to do so however there is no need as we will do this all for you in the coming months. Please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager for information about this.


What about WHM plans? When will they be launched?

New WHM plans are not far away. We plan on releasing these later in the month. We will you know as soon as they are available.


Where can I find more information?

All the information on the new plans and specs are located here:


You may have also noticed that we have recently launched our new support centre. Check it out, we have added over 100 new articles on cPanel alone. You can find some basic getting started articles here:


Or a full list of articles here:



For anything else, you can reach out to your Account Manager or email us at amteam@tppwholesale.com.au and we would be more than happy to help.

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