What are the new plans?

The new plans can be found here:

cPanel specs

WHM specs

What about pricing?

The prices of the new plans and what new plan we have moved you to were sent in an email on 12th or 13th October.

You can also find the price of the new plans here:

Why is my price changing?

Historically, TPP's prices have not been inconsistent, with many legacy plans and prices grandfathered from old products, some of which have come through integration of acquisitions over a number of years. Our partners have told us that they find this confusing to understand and we agree. As such, after a lot of market research and benchmarking we have decided to consolidate all plans and pricing to just four cPanel plans and two WHM plans. These can be viewed here: 

In creating these plans, we also considered the specifications of each current plan and have chosen to increase a storage, bandwidth and the number of email accounts, databases and FTP accounts on each plan. So as well as massive improvement in the platform that is much faster, more resilient, and more feature rich (automated back ups, Auto SSL etc), 99% of customers will see an increase in the specifications of their plans.

When we mapped the old products to the new products we did so keeping in mind the features of the old plans. We didn't want anyone to have a downgrade in specs. However like most price consolidations, this will mean some customers will see a price decrease and others will see a price increase but all part of simplifying the products and plans. We understand that this can be challenging for some. Whilst we feel our new plans are extremely competitive in the market, the suggested plan may not be the right plan for you and we are more than happy to assist you with a move to a different plan that better suits your needs if you require it.

How do I change my plan?

if you would prefer to move to a new plan, this can be done via The Console once the upgrade has been completed, not before.

You will be upgraded to the new plan automatically at the time of upgrade and the new price will be applicable at your next renewal. For more information on how to do this, please reach out to your account manager or email


I use TPP's Whitelabel service, what happens here?

We will maintain the same end user pricing for any whitelabel customers that you have. If you wish to change your retail pricing, we can do this for you but will need to be done once the upgrade has been completed. Please email after the upgrade has been completed and we can adjust this for you. 

If you use our Whitelabel website have not updated this to our latest version, please follow the instructions located at the link below to do so:

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