.AU Direct - Rules

.au direct names are domain names directly before the '.au' such as getyour.au or auda.au.

.au direct names can also be known as the '.au namespace', and have been referred to as 'second level names' and 'direct registration'.

Aside from being shorter than existing namespaces (e.g. com.au or id.au names), .au direct names will operate in an identical manner to names registered in other existing namespaces.

.au direct will launch on 24 March 2022.

The rules for .au direct names

.au direct names will be for general use meaning any person or organisation can register them, provided they meet the eligibility criteria in the .au Licensing Rules.

To be eligible for a .au direct name you must have a verifiable Australian presence, which includes being a citizen or permanent resident, or being an organisation registered in Australia. (The full definition of an Australian presence is in the definitions section of the .au Licensing Rules).

You can choose any name you like as long as it:

a) is available to be registered,
b) meets the syntax requirements, and
c) does not appear on the Reserved Names list, as set out in the Licensing Rules.

The .au direct namespace is different to the namespaces that are intended for specific use e.g. com.au and net.au for commercial entities, org.au for not-for-profit entities, or edu.au for educational institutions.

How will I be able to register .au direct domain names?

You’ll be able to register .au direct domain names through participating auDA accredited registrars.

As with names in other .au namespaces, prices will vary between registrars so we encourage you to shop around.
auDA sets the wholesale price for all .au domain names. The wholesale price for .au direct level names will be the same as names in the com.au, net.au, org.au, asn.au, and id.au namespaces.

Will direct .au affect existing names in the .au ccTLD?

There will be no changes to domain names in the existing namespaces (com.au, net.au, id.au, org.au, asn.au, edu.au and gov.au etc.) as a result of .au direct names being launched. They will continue to exist and you’ll still be able to use, register and renew them as you do now.

How will .au direct names be launched?

When .au direct names launch, for the first six months a Priority Allocation Process will be in place that will enable you: An opportunity to apply for the exact match of your existing .au domain names

To register ‘new’ .au direct names that don’t exist in any other .au namespace (e.g. com.au, net.au) 

Read more about the launch of .au direct names.

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