TPP's New cPanel Platform FAQs

1. Why are you making these changes? What is the difference between previous cPanel Hosting plans and the new ones?

TPP has moved its hosting infrastructure to new dedicated servers, reducing operating costs while also dramatically improving the quality and performance of the products offered.

These plans have also been redesigned by looking at how customers used the old products and their future needs.

Significant improvements have been made on the hardware and specifications including hosting on brand new, state-of-the-art dedicated servers in local data centers.


2. What changes will be noticed on the new platform?

For the new hosting packages, you will find new and improved product pages in TPP, best in class and brand-new server hardware and significantly more performance for the same price.


3. Does everyone have access to these new plans?

Yes! All plans are accessible to anyone.


4. Will you automatically upgrade my existing customer’s cPanel plans soon?

All of the old plans can still be managed, renewed, cancelled but cannot be purchased. The topic of migrating old plans to new has been captured in our backlog however there is no immediate plan to migrate customers from the old plans to the new.


5. Where can I find out more information?

Our new Hosting plans are designed to create flexibility when choosing a Hosting solution.

Shared cPanel Hosting allows you to host multiple websites on the same server, sharing resources with other users at an affordable price. Meanwhile, cPanel WHM Hosting is all about reliability, high security and rebranding of cPanels which is important for reselling hosting. Lastly, VPS Hosting offers more customization and greater performance than other hosting plans with fully dedicated resources for your website.

Discover the differences between our Hosting plans here and for exact features and benefits here


6. Does TPP Wholesale take backups of my hosting accounts?

  • If you’re an existing TPP hosting customer, you will continue on your current plan(s) until you tell us you want to switch. You won’t be able to buy more of the legacy hosting services for your end clients, but you will be able to renew the current legacy plans if you wish into 2024. We hope you will start to offer the new plans to your end clients once you have enabled them in the Console (and of course confirmed the retail price).

  • If you are already a TPP reseller but new to TPP hosting, then you will be able to see the new plans in the Console, but these will not be switched on for you or your customers until you choose to do so, and of course, confirm the price at which you want to resell the services.

  • If you’re new to TPP but interested in TPP reseller hosting, please contact us at and we’ll be delighted to talk to you about the right plan for your needs.

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