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The SSL/TLS Wizard interface allows you to easily purchase and install SSL certificates for domains on your account. It also lists purchased certificates that an SSL certificate provider has yet to deliver.


Verification Process

The validation process for Organization Validated (OV) certificates and Extended Validation (EV) certificates requires between three and 30 days. The certificate issuer requires this time to validate the information about your business. EV certificates require more time to issue than OV certificates due to more stringent requirements.


Comodo will send you an email with additional validation instructions. Complete these instructions as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Although cPanel, L.L.C. will instantly issue a Domain-validated certificate (DV), the validation process may require up to 24 hours before the certificate is available for installation.


How to purchase certificates

The default interface combines all domains on your account into a single list. Then, it automatically determines the necessary number and arrangement of certificates to secure the domains that you select. 

The simple interface displays all domains on the account in a single list. The system automatically determines the necessary number and arrangement of certificates to secure the selected domains.

To purchase a certificate or certificates for domains on your account, perform the following steps:

Select the domains.

Select the checkbox next to each domain name that you wish to secure with a certificate.

  • Lines with domains that begin with an asterisk character ( * ) represent wildcard certificates. If you select a wildcard certificate, the interface will automatically select all of the domains that the wildcard certificate will secure.
  • The interface displays a lock icon and an An SSL certificate currently secures this domain message with each domain that a certificate already secures.
  • The interface will not allow you to purchase a certificate for a domain if a certificate is pending for that domain. Click View to view the pending certificate's information.

Your server will attempt a Domain Control Validation (DCV) check of each domain that you select.

  • Gray domains have not yet passed a DCV check.
  • Green domains passed the DCV check.
  • Red domains failed the DCV check.
  • Certificates that you purchased through the cPanel Store automatically include, for no additional cost, each domain's corresponding www. subdomain that passes a DCV check.

The interface will not allow you to purchase a domain for a website if the list contains a domain with an IP address that does not resolve to your server.

  • To remove a domain from a website list, deselect the appropriate checkbox.
  • To remove all domains that did not validate from a website list, click Remove all domains that did not validate.
  • To add a domain back to a website list, select the appropriate checkbox.

Click Done to continue.


Select the product for the certificate.

Click Continue to display a list of certificates that are available for purchase. Select the desired certificate.
  • The list of certificates depends on the certificate providers that your hosting provider selects for the cPanel Market.
  • The interface displays a price for each domain on a certificate, and it displays a description when you select it.
  • You may select 1 Year or 2 Year certificates if your cPanel Market provider allows multi-year certificates.
  • The interface displays an order subtotal in the upper-right corner of the table. This allows you to compare the wildcard certificate price to individual certificate prices.


Resolve issues and confirm selections.

The interface lists any domain and certificate selection issues that it detects.

  • You must resolve red critical warnings.
  • We strongly recommend that you resolve yellow alerts.

After you resolve the critical issues, the interface will display your domain and certificate selections for confirmation. To edit the domain list or select a different certificate, click the appropriate green edit icon.


Extended Validation (EV) or Organizational Validation (OV)

If you selected an EV or OV certificate in the previous step, a new tab will appear, in which you must enter information about your organization. The certificate authority (CA) will use this information to validate your organization.


The address text boxes require information about your organization's physical or mailing address, while the where incorporated (JOI) text boxes require information about where your organization registered as a company.


Log in to the cPanel Store.

Click Check Out to proceed to the cPanel Store. Then, log in to the cPanel Store with your cPanelID account.


You must possess a cPanelID user account in order to purchase SSL certificates through this interface. cPanelID is the username and password combination for the cPanel Store, the cPanel Ticket system, and our Manage2 billing system.

  • If you already possess an account at the cPanel Store, the cPanel Tickets system, or the Manage2 billing system, that is your cPanelID.
  • If you do not already have an account at those sites, click Create Account, enter your email address in the new interface, and click Create Account.


Confirm the shopping cart contents.

Your server will upload your shopping cart to the cPanel Store, and your browser will redirect you to the cPanel Store interface.

  • The left side of the interface displays your desired certificates, their cost, estimated tax, and the total price.
  • The right side of the interface displays your payment information and options.


Confirm payment information.

Confirm your payment information, or make any necessary changes.

Click Pay Now to confirm that you wish to purchase the certificates, or click Cancel Transaction to cancel the transaction.


Return to the cPanel interface.

The cPanel Store will process your purchase, and your browser will return you to this interface. Click View Pending Certificates to display a list of certificates that you have purchased.


Pending Certificates

The Pending Certificates section of the interface lists all of the SSL certificates that you have purchased from the cPanel Store. The system will automatically poll the certificate provider to determine whether each pending certificate is ready.

When a certificate is ready, the system will download that certificate and automatically install it on the site.

  • To manually check the pending certificate queue, click Check Pending Certificates.
  • To show the details of a certificate, click Show Details.
  • To hide the details of a certificate, click Hide Details.
  • To cancel a purchase, click Cancel and confirm that you wish to cancel the transaction.
  • To contact the cPanel Market provider about a certificate order, click Contact Market Provider.


The cPanel Store will automatically email a copy of the certificate to the user. If the cPanel Store fails to redirect the user back to this interface, the user can install the certificate manually.

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