TLD Specifications

Registration Time
up to 3 working days
Registration period
1-10 years
Renewal period
1-10 years
Allowed character length
1 - 63 characters
Allowed characters
a-z, 0-9, -According to RFC 5891 IDNs MUST NOT contain two consecutive hyphens in the third and fourth character positions and MUST NOT start or end with a hyphen. RFC 5891: Hyphen Restrictions
TLD supports
Transfer locks possible
Renewal on transfer
Transfer time
5 days
Authcode length
16 - 48 characters
Handle updates
All owner changes of gTLDs will apply the ICANN Transfer policy.
Preconfigured DNS
Allowed Nameservers
1 - 10
Autorenew Grace Period
35 days
Deletion Timeframe
35 days after expiration date
Redemption Period
30 days
WHOIS Update
WHOIS Server

Domain Registration

  • After a successful registration request, the registrant will receive an email by the registry to perform a verification process
    • If the verification was successful, the contact can be used for future registrations without additional verification
  • The status of the domain will be "PROCESSING" after the registration request, no matter if the registrant is verified or not
    • An automated process is checking the verification status and will finish the registration accordingly

Domain Transfer

  • A domain transfer must be initiated with a so-called "Authorisation Code", which can be obtained from the current registrar through the owner or Admin-C of the domain.
    • Please ensure, that you have a correct "Authorisation Code" associated with the domain, before initiating the transfer, otherwise it will fail.
  • Ensure that your respective domain does not have a lock-status (REGISTRAR-LOCK or HOLD). This can be seen in the WHOIS. If the domain is locked, then the owner can demand that this be unlocked.
  • Initiate the transfer on time and not just shortly before the domain expires.
  • Please ensure that the domain is older than 60 days otherwise the transfer will be denied.


Registrants have to agree and certify that their organizations meet at least one of the .coop eligibility requirements.

This change will come into effect as of:

  • Monday, March 22nd, 2021

For further information regarding this change, please check the .coop Restrictions.

Domain Restrictions

  • Owner contact verification by registry
  • Eligibility Criteria
    • Members of the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) if otherwise eligible;
    • Members of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) if otherwise eligible;
    • Organizations formed as and/or considered cooperatives under applicable local law;
    • Associations comprised of cooperatives;
    • Organizations that are committed to the seven cooperative principles;
    • Organizations that are majority controlled by cooperatives;
    • Entities whose operations are principally dedicated to serving cooperatives; and
    • For no more than 5,000 registrants, persons or entities whose use of a .coop domain name would, in the opinion of the DCLLC Board, advance the interests of the cooperative sector in general or would assist in the development of cooperatives worldwide.
  • The registrant has to agree and certify that his organization meets at least one of the .COOP following eligibility requirements:
    • a democratically controlled member-owned cooperative, consistent with the International 7 Cooperative Principles
    • an Association comprised of cooperatives
    • an Organization that is majority controlled by a Cooperative
    • an Entity whose operations are principally dedicated to serving Cooperatives

      The registrant understands and agrees that DotCooperation LLC conducts audits of .COOP domain registrations and reserves the right to cancel or modify a domain name in accordance with their policies. This change will come into effect as of Monday, March 22nd, 2021. A copy of the new registration policy may be found at this URL:
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