Virus Scanner



The ClamAV® Virus Scanner interface scans your cPanel account's services for malicious software. If the ClamAV® Virus Scanner identifies a potential security threat, the system prompts you to perform the appropriate action.


Scan a service

To begin a new scan of a service on your account, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the service to scan.
    • Scan Mail — Scans all of your account's mail folders.
    • Scan Entire Home Directory — Scans your account's home directory.
    • Scan Public FTP Space — Scans all of the folders that you can publicly access through FTP services.
    • Scan Public Web Space — Scans all of the folders that you can publicly access through the web.
  2. Click Scan Now. During the scan, a new interface will appear that displays the following information:

    File The number of files that the scan processed out of the total number of files that exist in the specified directory.
    Data The amount of data processed out of the total amount of data that exists in the specified directory.
    Scanner Progress Displays the scan's progress.
    Infected Files The files that the scan reported to contain malicious software.

    A scan may require several minutes to complete. After the scan completes, the system returns you to the Virus Scanner interface.


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