How to point your domain name to your our new cPanel Hosting

Follow the steps below to point your TPP Wholesale managed domain to your cPanel hosting, If your domain is registered with TPP Wholesale.

  1. Log in to your reseller account via the Reseller Admin Panel (hyperlink reseller admin panel to
  2. Hover over ‘Domains’ in the menu and click ‘Manage Domains’
  3. Search for the domain name associated with the cPanel hosting and click on it
  4. Click the ‘Domain Delegation' option in the sub-menu on the left
  5. Enter the following name servers:

      New cPanel Plans Legacy Plans
    Plan Names Economy, Premium, Performance & Deluxe Personal, Business & Enterprise
    Nameserver 1
    Nameserver 2
  6. Click Update Name Servers
If your domain is not registered with TPP Wholesale
Please contact the provider that you have registered your domain through to update the nameservers to those lists above.

Note: DNS changes take several hours to propagate. You will not notice the changes right away. In some cases clearing your browser cache and local DNS cache can speed the process up.



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