cPanel DNS records cannot be edited



New and Migrated cPanel accounts may run into issues adding, editing, and removing DNS records using the cPanel Zone Manager.

Error Cause

We've identified that this is a common issue when the Time To Live (TTL) value for TXT records are mismatched/different from each other. TXT TTL values must be uniform to each other.
There is a great explanation of this requirement in RFC2181 section 5.2.
This error can also appear if different record types do not share the same TTL (such as SRV and CAA records)

Error Message

You may see the below popup/toast notification when trying to add, edit, or remove DNS records:

Steps To Fix

If you run into this issue you should:
  1. Confirm if there are multiple TXT records
  2. Confirm if they all have the same TTL value set
  3. If not, edit all the TXT records to be the same TTL value (preferably 3600)
  4. Confirm whether you can now add a new record/edit an existing one
    Please note: If you are still experiencing this issue, please ensure other record types share the same TTL value
Once each record type has the same TTL, you should be seeing the below Green notifications again, this confirms that you can edit the cPanel DNS Zone moving forward:

Next Steps

If you are still experiencing issues when trying to add, edit, or remove cPanel DNS records then please get in contact with our Support Team

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