What is the status of my hosting order?

Hosting purchases are generally automatically completed after they are submitted, but on occasion, you may come across one of the following statuses under the Orders > Pending Product Orders page of your Admin Panel.

Preauth failed – The preauthorized payment has failed, this may be a temporary issue with your card at the time of the order.

Create invoice failed – The invoice for the renewal failed to generate. This will be checked by the support team in a timely manner.

Completion failed – The payment has failed to complete and will be reviewed by the support team in a timely manner.

Manual check failed – The purchase needs to be reviewed manually by the support team, who will contact you if any issues arise.

Setup hosting package failed – The purchase has failed to set up for a variety of reasons and will be manually reviewed by the support team.

Rejected – The purchase has been rejected due to a payment failure.

If you encounter any of these workflow order statuses, or one that isn’t listed above, please contact the support team by submitting a case through your Admin Panel.

You can also find common domain transfer statuses here and registration statuses here.

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