cPanel Features List - Metrics



All options are only available on the type of plan you currently have under cPanel Feature List - Metrics, If there is an option that is not available, please contact your Account manager to change your hosting Plan.



Use the Visitors interface to view the most recent entries in the Apache log for a given domain.



Use the Errors interface to display up to 300 of the most recent errors for your site. This data can help you find broken links, missing files, and other problems.



Use the Bandwidth interface to view your site's monthly and overall bandwidth usage.


Raw Access

Use the Raw Access interface to view visitors to your website without graphs, charts, or other graphics. Download a zipped version of your server's access log to quickly access your site's visitors.



Use the Awstats interface to view AWStats metrics. AWStats is a third-party program that produces visual statistics about visitors to your site.


Analog Stats

Use the Analog Stats interface to view Analog Stats metrics. Analog Stats is a metrics program that produces a simple summary of visitors to your site.



Use the Webalizer interface to view Webalizer metrics. Webalizer is a metrics program that produces a variety of charts and graphs about visitors to your site.


Webalizer FTP

Use the Webalizer FTP interface to view Webalizer metrics for FTP. Webalizer produces a variety of charts and graphs about visitors that used the FTP protocol to access your site.


Metrics Editor

Use the Metrics Editor interface to select the metrics programs that you want to run on each domain.

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