Opt-in to Disclose Data in Whois


Our new Reseller integration automatically redacts all thin-whois outputs relating to the name, address, phone number and email address fields - e.g., .COM & .NET. The migration process for our domain names in to CentralNic's reseller platform is now fully underway and all new registrations will be handled by the CentralNic Reseller Platform as well as any transfer requests from 4th March onwards.

How To Identify Affected Domains
WHOIS lookups will look slightly different and the CentralNic Reseller Platform, 'Key-Systems GmbH' will be listed as the Registrar while all other records linked to the domain (on those which have yet to opt-in) will state "REDACTED FOR PRIVACY":


An Opt-in to disclose data is available for all contact handles (Owner, Admin, Tech, Billing). The underlying technical process is very similar to contact verification, i.e. the registrant or any other contact will receive a mail including a link to https://www.domain-contact.org/ where they can approve or decline disclosure of their data in the Whois. This will allow each individual contact holder to select for a particular contact handle whether they wish for their data to be disclosed in the Whois. Please note that even if a contact decides to disclose their details in our system, this does not mean that the registry controlling the Whois output will also disclose this data. Work is currently ongoing at ICANN to harmonise this approach and changes will be announced through our support channels and made available on this FAQ.

The Process
• The mail contains a link forwarding the contact to https://www.domain-contact.org/domainDisclosure?contact={CONTACT}&token={TOKEN}
• The link only works with a valid token and the proper contact handle ID.
• On the website the contact can select the fields to disclose or undisclose.
• Where registry policy allows, these changes will be applied to the domains that are linked to the respective contact handle as Owner, Admin, Tech and/or Billing.
• The link will only remain functional for 30 days.

The contact disclosure website is only available in the LIVE environment. For testing purposes we suggest to use one of your own contact handles (or create a contact handle) and use above form to trigger a contact disclosure email. Triggering the contact disclosure mail and using the contact disclosure website does not require a contact handle to be linked to a domain.
Available fields to disclose or undisclose
The respective contact has the option to disclose the following contact fields:
• Name (including: Title, First, Middle, Last)
• Organisation
• Address (including: Street, Zip, Country, State)
• Phone Number
• Fax Number
• Email Address

To request a token to be sent within an email to a given Contact Handle or Domain. If a Domain is stated an email with a token will be sent to all linked contact handles. In case a contact handle is used multiple times (i.e. for Admin and Tech) only one email per contact handle is sent.

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