WHM Features List - Server Configuration


All options under WHM Features List - Server Configuration


Basic WebHost Manager Setup

Use the Basic WebHost Manager Setup interface to configure basic options for cPanel & WHM.

Change Root Password

Use the Change Root Password interface to change your server's root password without the previous root password.

CloudLinux LVE Manager

Use the CloudLinux LVE Manager interface to view LVE Manager information for accounts on your server.


Configure cPanel Cron Jobs

Use the Configure cPanel Cron Jobs interface to configure cron jobs for cPanel & WHM updates and backups.

Initial Quota Setup

Use the Initial Quota Setup interface to confirm that the system uses disk quotas on the directories in which your cPanel users store their files.

Server Time

Use the Server Time interface to set your server's time zone and synchronize it with the time server.

Statistics Software Configuration

Use the Statistics Software Configuration interface to view information about your server’s statistics and statistics software.


Use the Terminal interface to access an in-browser terminal application for direct command-line access within a cPanel & WHM session.

Tweak Settings

Use the Tweak Settings interface to configure settings for cPanel, WHM, and their associated services.

Update Preferences

Use the Update Preferences interface to define an update configuration for cPanel & WHM.



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