Create Glue Records (Custom Name Servers)

Our domain level console allows you to create your own nameserver records for gTLD (e.g. .com, .net) and Australian TLD (e.g. and all others) domain names - with full coverage across all of the TLDs we support in the coming weeks.

Step 1: Create a child name server (glue record):

  1. Log in to the Admin Panel
  2. Hover over 'Domains' and click 'Manage Domain'
  3. Find the domain you want to edit and click on it
  4. On the next page, click Domain Name
  5. Click Zone Manager in the left menu
  6. Click Domain Hosts (for .au domains) or Create and modify a server host name (for gTLD domains)
  7. In the Create a Host section, type the Host name and the IP Address
  8. Click [Create Host]

Domains can then be delegated to the new child name servers normally.

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