TLD Specifications

Registration period
1-10 years
Renewal period
1-10 years
Allowed character length
1 - 63 characters
Allowed characters
a-z, 0-9, -MUST NOT contain two consecutive hyphens in the third and fourth character positions and MUST NOT start or end with a hyphen.
TLD supports
Transfer locks possible
Renewal on transfer
Transfer time
5 days
Authcode length
8 - 32 characters
Handle updates
Allowed Nameservers
1 - 13
Autorenew Grace Period
35 days
Deletion Timeframe
35 days after expiration date
Redemption Period
30 days
Mission and Purpose of the TLD
The mission and purpose of the TLD is first and foremost to promote the beauty, makeup and
cosmetics segments, through meaningful engagement with manufacturers, beauty enthusiasts,
consumers, and retailers, using a domain space intended for use by individuals and/or companies
within or associated with the various industries that provide, utilize, or bear a recognizable
connection to makeup and cosmetic products and/or services.

Registrant Eligibility Requirements
To support the mission and purpose of the TLD, in order to register or renew a domain name in the
TLD, Applicants must:
  • Own, be connected to, employed by, associated with, or affiliated with a company that
    provides makeup and/or cosmetics related products, services, news, and/or content; or
  • be an individual, association, or entity that has a meaningful nexus with the cosmetics industry; and
  • Possess a bona fide intention to use the domain name in supporting the mission and
    purpose of the TLD.
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