TLD Specifications

Registration Time
Registration period
1-10 years
Renewal period
1-10 years
Allowed character length
1 - 63 characters
Allowed characters
a-z, 0-9, - MUST NOT contain two consecutive hyphens in the third and fourth character positions and MUST NOT start or end with a hyphen.
TLD supports
Transfer locks possible
Renewal on transfer
Transfer time
5 days
Authcode length
8 - 32 characters
Handle updates
Preconfigured DNS
Allowed Nameservers
2 - 12
Autorenew Grace Period
35 days
Deletion Timeframe
35 days after expiration date
Redemption Period
30 days
Eligibility requirements
 Link with the .barcelona community. To register and renew a domain name
.barcelona, ​​you must be a person or legal entity with a link to the community
.barcelona. This nexus implies that you need to be connected to the community at the time
of the register and, since then, in a linguistic, cultural, tourist activity,
commercial or of some other nature that leads to the benefit of the community .barcelona. The
registrants must state their intended use of the domain name
registered. A false statement of intent to use is an indicator of bad faith and could
involve the suspension of the domain name.

 Geographical names. You cannot register geographic names for any subdivisions in the area
of influence of Barcelona, ​​local landmarks or any other emblematic or relevant name from the
local point of view of the area of ​​influence of Barcelona, ​​including its variations and
clear abbreviations.
 Names of public authorities and public services. You cannot register:
a) Names of public authorities of any level with competence over the area
of influence of Barcelona according to the relevant local legislation, including the
their variations and clear abbreviations and other terms of common use than the
describe (for example, ajuntament.barcelona); i
b) Names directly related to the service or public interest about which
the public administrations of the area have specific responsibilities
of influence of Barcelona. We refer to at least the following services:
security and public order, public affairs and institutional relations, public health,
taxes, economic development and promotion, public services, transport,
urban planning and protection of the environment, culture and education,
citizen participation and tourism.
Names reserved by the registration operator
We reserve, in our opinion:
a) The ability to reserve certain domains not available for yours
registration, or to allow them to be assigned only if they meet certain conditions
b) The right to determine the time and conditions under which these names
domain can be registered and how they can be used.
The right to publish or not to publish the list of reserved terms.

 Use of the .barcelona domain name
As a registration request, state that:
a) You are fully responsible for the registration and use of the .barcelona domain name.
If you allow someone else to use your domain name
.barcelona, ​​you will be solely responsible for any possible misuse of your name
domain name (that is, the domain name for which you requested registration) for
part of this third.
b) You will use the .barcelona domain name so that:
1. be generally accepted as legitimate; 
2. contribute to the benefit of the .barcelona community; 
3. be proportional to the role and importance of the domain, according to the criterion
that an average user would reasonably have in the context of that name
4. complies with Catalan regulations on the protection of
consumer, product and service labeling, advertising and communication; i
5. comply with current language protection laws, and
6. has been registered and used in good faith, both at the time of registration
as from then on.

Names that do not meet these requirements include, but are not limited to
whose use, as considered by the registry operator:
- mislead or confuse the public, for example, as to the geographical location to which
they refer either to the official nature of their origin; o
- take unfair advantage of the main denomination or reputation that
assigns the audience to the chosen name; o
- hinder potential content, from a public interest perspective,
of the domain name in question, taking into account the main meaning of the
name (that is, whether it is a descriptive or generic name by nature) or the
reputation that the relevant public attributes to that name.

 You will not use the .barcelona domain name if you violate any of the rights
of a third party, including, but not limited to, the intellectual property rights of
third parties in the broadest sense.

You will not use the .barcelona domain name to provide third - level domain to independent third parties as a type of service commercial register.
 You will not use the .barcelona domain name to send commercial advertising
requested, so as to contradict the relevant legislation or regulations
usual acceptable use of the Internet.

You will not distribute malicious software or operate it in an abusive manner
botnet networks, impersonating (phishing), engaging in piracy,
you will infringe copyright or trademarks, you will practice
fraudulent or deceptive or counterfeits, nor will you engage in any activity
contrary to relevant legislation.
 You will not use the .barcelona domain name for the purpose of trading with .barcelona
domain names for sale, resale or assignment. Also, you will not allow it
that a third party has access to these purposes you will neither contribute nor help

You will not use the .barcelona domain name in a way that could damage or
discredit the name, image or reputation of the city of Barcelona or the
.barcelona community. For example, you may not offer or allow third parties that
offer information about web pages in your .barcelona domain name
or defamatory, violent, offensive, aggressive or inciting violence,
whether of a political, racist or xenophobic nature, or in general any contrary content
to laws and regulations or morals.
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