cPanel Features List - Jetbackup



All options are only available on the type of plan you currently have under cPanel Feature List - Jetbackup, If there is an option that is not available, please contact your Account manager to change your hosting Plan.


Full Backups

You can view a list of full backup account. 

File Backups

You can view backups and access the backup file manager.

Cron Job Backups

You can view a list of cron job backups.

DNS Backups

DNS backups are not available but zone download is possible.

Database Backups

You can view a list of database backups.

Email Backups

You can view a list of email backups.

Restore Full Account

This option is not available but you will be able to restore it from individual features. File, Database, and email.

Restore File

You can view In order to restore file.


You can view the items in the queue.


Function not available


 You can view General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


You can enter your email address in Settings.

File Manager

You can download and restore specific files.
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