GDPR (Jetbackup)



At the first time you enter GDPR setting (when your provider enabled GDPR),
You will have to approve the following: User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Backup Destination Information.

After approving the above, you will see

cpanel gdpr

In order to save changes, you need to provide an encryption key.
The encryption key created on the first time you save settings after you approved everything.
This key might be required to restore data from backups, without it data might be lost.

Backup Type

  • Regular Backups
  • Encrypted Backups (*GDPR Best Practice)
  • No Backups

Encryption Key

When you choose Backup Type - Encrypted Backups you need to choose where you want to store your encryption key.

Local Encryption Key

This should be used if you trust your hosting provider with your encryption key. Your hosting provider will be able to access your backups and perform actions for you (restore from backups).

Remote Encryption Key (*GDPR Best Practice)

This should be used if you DON'T trust your hosting provider with your encryption key.
Your hosting provider will NOT be able to access your backups or perform any action for you (restore from backups) without having the key.

CAUTION: If your encryption key is LOST, you will not be able to restore account backups to your account in case of data loss or disaster recovery.

Privacy Options

The Right To Be Forgotten (*GDPR Best Practice)
If you enable this option, when your account is closed/terminated - all data (including backups)
related to your account will be permanently deleted within X days (This time value is set by your hosting provider).
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