TLD Specifications

Registration period
2 years
3 years
5 years
10 years
25 years
100 years
Renewal period
1-3 years
5 years
10 years
25 years
100 years
Allowed character length
2 - 26 characters
Allowed characters
a-z, 0-9, MUST NOT contain two consecutive hyphens in the third and fourth character positions and MUST NOT start or end with a hyphen
Transfer locks possible
Renewal on transfer
Authcode length
6 - 16 characters
Handle updates
Allowed Nameservers
Deletion Timeframe
21 days prior to paid until date

Fulfillment Info

.to is a Fulfillment TLD. Fullfilment TLDs (FTLDs) are registered through a manual registration process. The manual registration process might involve documents, depending on respective registry regulations, and are therefore not automated for real-time registrations and real-time updates. Updates might cause additional costs!


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