TLD Specifications

.at , .co.at, or.at
Registration Time
up to 1 working day
Registration period
1 year
Renewal period
1 year
Allowed character length
1 - 63 characters
Allowed characters
a-z, 0-9, - MUST NOT contain two consecutive hyphens in the third and fourth character positions and MUST NOT start or end with a hyphen.
TLD supports
Transfer locks possible
Renewal on transfer
Transfer time
Authcode length
6 - 16 characters
Handle updates
Preconfigured DNS
Allowed Nameservers
2 - 8
Deletion Timeframe
3 days prior to paiduntil date
Redemption Period
59 days
WHOIS Update
24 hours

Domain Restrictions

  • P.O. box NOT allowed as owner address
  • The customer needs to be fully informed about the product, the price, conditions, suppliers etc. before, during and after the order as well as there need to be information about his right to withdraw.
    • According to Austrian law, by registering a .at domain, a contract takes place between Domain-Holder and Registry.
  • You can find additional legal information regarding .at registrations on the registry website.
  • Changes to whois output in relation to GDPR for .at domain names are explained on the registry website
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