Website troubleshooting

If you are having any website issue please follow these steps to troubleshoot some of the most common causes.

  1. Check if your domain name or cPanel hosting service is expired.
  2. Make sure your domain's DNS is pointed correctly.
  3. Make sure the website files are in the correct directory.
  4. Check the name of your site default file.
  5.  Check the website files and directory permissions and ownership
  6. If your site files and directory has permission or ownership issue, the site will show up "HTTP error 403 (forbidden)" .
  7.  Check the cPanel usage to make sure your website doesn't exceed the allowed resources. If your site exceeds the the allowed resources, the site will show up "HTTP error 503"
  8. If you get ‘Error establishing database connection issues’ when you try to visit your website, it might be that your Database credentials were setup incorrectly.  For example if you have a wordpress website you can check wp-config.php file to verify the credentials
  9. Check if the PHP version is setup correctly. Please refer to here
  10. Check if the site is broken after upgrade, you can restore the site from Jetbackup. Please refer to here
  11. Cron job not working, please check if cron job is setup correctly as below. 

*Please replace /home/username/public_html/ username to your own cPanel account username*




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