Making Changes To Your Whitelabel Billing

Domain names 

Domain pricing is pulled directly from your pricing table. If you want to make changes to your customers’ domain pricing, instructions can be found here.

Once those changes have been made, all future domain registration and renewal prices for all of your customers will be charged at the new prices. 

NB: If you use our Whitelabel front-end website, you will need to update the pricing there as well. Click here for instructions on how to do so.


Products (ie. Web Hosting and Office 365) work differently to domains in the console. Prior to your first order of a new product, you will need to set up your pricing - click here for instructions.

Once a product is ordered for the first time for a specific domain it will continue to renew at that price. If you make changes to your pricing table for the same product after the order has been placed, it WON’T change the price for this domain (or any other domains that already have this product); it will only change the price for new purchases for this product. This allows you to have different prices for different customers (if you so wish).  

If you want to change the price of an existing product for a customer after it has already been billed at least once, you need to do the following: 

  1. Update the new price in your pricing table, 
  2. Log in to your customer’s account where you originally purchased the product 
  3. Re-order the product again. This will effectively override the old price with the new price from your pricing table. NB: that if there is less than 30 days left till expiry, you will lose these remaining days so best to do this on the date of expiry. 

From this point on, the product will renew at your new price. 

If you run into any problems or if you require a bulk edit of domain/product pricing, we can assist with this. Please reach out to your Account Manager or email with your request. 


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