Reseller Commission Payments

Viewing and approving commissions 

You can view all commissions payable here:  

This includes invoiced (prior months) and un-invoiced (current month) transactions. 

All current month’s transactions appear as un-invoiced till the month has ended and then will appear as invoiced on the page that the link takes you to. You can then view the full commission statement for any month that has completed by downloading the PDF statement on the right-hand side of the corresponding month. Once you are happy that everything is correct, you then need to click on ‘approve’ for the commission to be paid. 

Payment of commission 

There are two options for commissions to be paid, either we can pay this directly into your prepaid account that you can use for future purchases or you can add an external bank account to be deposited into. You can select either option at the link here: 

If you choose your prepaid account for commission payments, once you approve the commission statement, the amount is paid overnight into your prepaid account. 

If you choose an external bank account, these payments will be paid at the end of the month after they are earned. Note – you will need to approve your commission by the 15th of any given month for it to be paid in that month if you have chosen and external bank account. For example, commissions earned in April will be ready for approval on 1 May. You will need to approve by 15 May and these will be paid at the end of May or first week of June.  

Any commission approved after the 15th of the month after they were earned will be paid in the following month’s run. 

Commissions are never able to be approved while the total amount is negative (-). The system waits until further commissions are calculated and become due whereupon the total amount eventually becomes positive (+) and is then able to be approved.

One last thing – if you have chosen for commission payments to be paid into an external bank account, you will note after the 15th of the following month (after you have approved them) that the status on the commission page shows these marked as ‘paid’. Don’t worry if you haven't received them at that point – this is simply the point where the system has downloaded the payment file for internal processing. These will be paid in the coming weeks. If you don’t have commission hit your bank account by 6 weeks after the month has closed – then please contact your Account Manager or email and we can look into it for you. 

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