Creating a new account in cPanel WHM

cPanel WHM resellers can add accounts through their WHM interface. Before an account can be created, a package must be created in WHM.

To create a new account:
  1. Log in to your Admin Panel 
  2. Locate the cPanel WHM account by hovering over 'Products', clicking 'Manage Customer Products' and clicking on the domain name of the cPanel you want to edit
  3. Click cPanel Login
  4. Locate Create an Account within the WHM interface (under the 'Account functions' menu).
  5. Complete the following account data:
    1. Domain: Enter the domain name which you have created a cPanel account for. You must not include the www. Hint: You can also create a cPanel account for a subdomain. 
    2. Username: WHM will autogenerate a username when you click this field. Usernames are limited to 8 characters and cannot include hyphens, special characters or spaces. 
    3. Password: It is very important you use a secure password which is a combination of letters, numbers and characters. We suggest using the password generator inbuilt in WHM.
    4. Email: This email address is used by WHM for notifications of issues, such as when you near your quota of emails.
    5. Package: Package is a preset list of limits which can be applied to accounts you create. Packages you create will automatically be prefixed with your username, which ensures that there are no conflicts with other packages linked to other resellers on the server.
  6. Click Create
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