How do I create a subdomain?

A subdomain is a great way to create a sub-section or off-shoot of your primary website. Subdomains are similar to regular domain names, except they use your main domain name as a prefix. For example, if your domain is domain.tld, a sub-domain of your domain might be blog.domain.tld.

Depending on what hosting plan your website uses and where you plan to host your subdomain, the steps to create the subdomain may differ.

Create a subdomain to be hosted elsewhere

If you plan to host your subdomain on a different server to the one where your primary website is hosted, you simply need to create the appropriate A or CNAME record within your domain's zone file. This record will point to the the server where you plan to host the subdomain, and no changes to your current website hosting will be required.

Create a subdomain on cPanel Hosting

To create a subdomain on cPanel Hosting:

  1. Log in to your Account
  2. Hover over the domain you want to make changes to and click 'Manage'
  3. Click cPanel login
  4. Click the Subdomains icon
  5. Type in the name of your subdomain in the Subdomain field
  6. Modify the Document Root field as required. The document root is the directory on the server that you wish to point your subdomain to
  7. Click [Create]

Create a subdomain on Cloud Hosting

Subdomains cannot be created through our Cloud Hosting packages. An additional cloud hosting package will need to be purchased. The subdomain will then need to be pointed to the IP address of the new hosting account through the Zone Manager of the primary domain.

Create the second hosting package

If you are creating the subdomain hosting package with us:

  1. Log in to your Admin Panel
  2. Hover over ‘Products’ and click ‘Purchase/Upgrade Hosting
  3. Enter the subdomain you want to add hosting to in the text field, e.g. subdomain.domain.tld
  4. Select a hosting plan from the drop down menu
  5. Search for the customer account you want to bill
  6. Check the box to agree to the Terms & Conditions
  7. Click ‘Submit Hosting Order
  8. Hover over ‘Products’ and click ‘Manage Customer Products
  9. Click on the subdomain
  10. Click Zone Manager
  11. Note down the IP of the A record for subdomain

Create the A record

  1. Log in to your Admin Panel
  2. Hover over the primary domain you want to add the sub domain hosting to and click 'Manage'
  3. Click Zone Manager
  4. Scroll down to where it says 'To add a record to this zone click on a type'
  5. Select A Record from the drop down menu and click 'Create new record'
  6. Enter the first part of your subdomain in the name field, e.g. if the subdomain will be http://subdomain.domain.tld, then simply enter 'subdomain' in the name field
  7. Leave the TTL field as is
  8. In the host field, enter the IP address of the subdomain's hosting
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