Are there any email sending restrictions?

We place limitations on both the size and number of emails users can send from our servers to ensure the reliability and speed of our mail services, and to minimize the impact of spam sent from a compromised account. The following restrictions apply for customers using our email services: 


Send out limit

Email size

Recipient limit per email

cPanel Hosting SMTP

  2500 emails per domain per day* 

 500 emails per mailbox per day*



cPanel Hosting Webmail

  2500 emails per domain per day*

 500 emails per mailbox per day*



*The daily limit can be raised in special cases, however the hourly limit will still apply.


Service descriptions

  • The SMTP service is the service customers use to send emails when connecting to our Email servers via a third party device (Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone, Thunderbird)
  • The Webmail service is the service customers use when logging into their online email portal
What happens if you reach the hourly/daily email sending limit

Depending on the service you are using, you will get one of two types of messages if you try to send out more emails than the server allows you to. The error messages look like this:

Hosting Type 

Error Message

cPanel Hosting

550 "Daily limit has been exceeded for [email address]"

If you get one of these errors messages when sending out emails, it means you've hit your email sending limit. If you believe this is an error, or if you require further assistance, please contact our support team. 

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