The cPanel Interface



The cPanel interface is the hub of your cPanel user account and provides you with access to important information and updates.

The cPanel interface consists of the following sections:

  1. Navigation bar
  2. Sidebar
  3. General Information
  4. Features
  5. Statistics

Navigation bar

Every interface in cPanel displays the navigation bar. The navigation bar provides the currently-active account information, controls that allow you to change settings, and a link to log out of your account. 

  • Click the site logo to navigate to the Home interface. 
  • Use the Search Features text box to quickly find the interfaces that you need.


    Use the forward-slash ( / ) keyboard shortcut to select the Search Features text box. This feature only functions in the Google Chrome™ and Internet Explorer browsers.

  • Click your username to manage your preferences and configure the cPanel interface.

  • Click the Notifications icon (Screen_Shot_2015-12-16_at_1.33.00_PM.png) to display any messages, warnings, and errors on your cPanel account. Server owners can also customize this interface to broadcast important information to their customers.



 Every interface in cPanel displays the sidebar. The sidebar provides access to the following features:

  • Click the Home icon (Screen_Shot_2015-12-17_at_11.55.06_AM.png) to return to the cPanel Home interface. 

  • Click the User Manager icon (Screen_Shot_2015-12-17_at_11.57.17_AM.png) to navigate to the  User Manager interface (cPanel >> Home >> Preferences >> User Manager). 


General Information

 The General Information section displays the following information about your cPanel account:

  • Current User — The name of the current cPanel account. 
  • Primary Domain — The current account's primary or main domain name.
  • Shared IP Address or Dedicated IP Address — The current account's shared or dedicated IP address.
  • Home Directory — The absolute path to the account's home directory on the server.
  • Last Login IP Address — The IP address of the user that most recently logged in to the account
  • Theme — The current cPanel theme. If your account includes more than one theme, you can use the menu to search for and switch between cPanel themes.


Click Server Information to navigate to cPanel's Server Information interface (cPanel >> Home >> Server Information), which displays additional information about the account and the account's server.



The cPanel interface lists of all of your account's available features in groups for different types of functionality. 

To search for a desired feature, use the Find functions quickly by typing here. text box.



The Statistics section displays important usage statistics for your cPanel account.

  • If your account meets or exceeds 60% of an item's quota, that usage statistic will display in yellow and  will display one of the following icons:
    • If your hosting provider has added integration links to your server, a plus icon will display. Click this icon to increase the quota for this statistic in your hosting plan.
    • If your hosting provider has not added integration links, a wrench icon will display. Click this icon to access the relevant cPanel interface in order to reduce your quota usage. For example, if your Email Accounts statistic is high, you can delete unused email accounts in cPanel's Email Accounts interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Email Accounts). 
  • If your account meets or exceeds 80% of an item's quota, that usage statistic will display in red at the top of the section.
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