Change Style



Use this interface to choose a style in order to customize the cPanel interface's appearance. 

For the purposes of cPanel, L.L.C.'s products and documentation, we use the following terms:

  • Branding — Branding modifies the cPanel interface in order to match your company's logo and brand. 
  • Includes — UI includes add custom content to the header or footer of the cPanel interface (but not the WHM interface). 
  • Plugin — A plugin modifies an interface's features or functionality, and it may also include changes to the interface's appearance.
  • Style  — A style uses CSS, images, and other assets to modify the appearance of the entire cPanel interface without changes to its functionality or features. 
  • Theme — A theme applies an overlay on the skeletal framework for all of the interfaces.


Change the style

To change your interface's style, click  Apply for the desired style.  The interface will refresh with the newly-selected style. 

To set a style as the default style, click Set as Default for the desired style.

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