Initial Quota Setup



This feature requires kernel support for quotas on your server. If your server uses a custom kernel that does not include quota support, the initial quota setup process may result in an unbootable system.

The Initial Quota Setup interface scans your server to confirm that it uses disk space quotas on the directories in which your cPanel users store their files. We recommend that you use quota support. Without quota support, the server will not display disk space usage for users and it will not enforce quota limits.

  • Quotas do not limit updates that a user can make to a MySQL®, MariaDB®, or PostgreSQL® database.
  • Quotas that include databases only affect cPanel-related functions.
  • Processes that the system runs, such as PHP scripts that create files, can create user-owned files until the number of files reaches the quota. This situation occurs because the kernel-enforced quota does not access cPanel settings.
  • The backup process for an account near or over its quota may fail because the system cannot write necessary files (for example, a database lock file).


Quota setup

To perform the quota scan, click Proceed.

When you click Proceed, the system runs the /scripts/initquota script. This script ignores /home directory mount points that use the following options:

  • no
  • no auto
  • loop

To troubleshoot this issue, check the /etc/fstab file for these options.



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