DNS Zone file records - cPanel Email Only


If you have external DNS to TPP then please refer to the below information on what DNS Zone File records are required in order to use our new cPanel Email Only Plans.


  • The IP address of the cPanel Email Only service is located on the right hand side of the cPanel interface as per the below screenshot - 



  • Once this is confirmed, you will need to create an A Record with the name of the record being mail which then points to the IP address of your cPanel service as per the below example - 




  • Once this has been created, you will then need to configure your MX Record with the name of the record being mail.yourdomain as per the example below - 




  • Once done, you will then need to configure your SPF Record. To confirm what the SPF record should be, you will need to login to your cPanel interface and then click on Email Deliverability click Manage 





  • Once this has been confirmed, your SPF record should now look like the following - 




  • Once you have added these above 3 records you may want to add these extra CNAME records pointing to various other services for example; calendar, mysql, webdisk, ftp, webmail, stats, imap, smtp, pop etc


You can add them in the below format ( to find your cPanel server name, please see the next section)




  • How to find your cPanel server name 

Login to the Console then select cPanel hosting on the left



You will find your cPanel server name as seen in the below screenshot











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