How to Migrate an E-mail Service Between Different Platforms


Step by step overview on how to migrate an e-mail service between different platforms. Please note that the instructions provided below are for the Outlook Email Client. 

Please note that customers that are only using webmail & not an email client will need to backup Calendars & Contacts manually as this will not be downloaded when adding your email service into Outlook. 


  • The email service with the destination provider will need to be provisioned 
  • Once the service has been provisioned, the email accounts will need to be configured to match the current email service such as Email Address / Password / Groups etc
  • You will need to determine a date/time as to when you would like to cut over the DNS Zone Records for the email service
  • Once determined, you will then need to Export your mailbox to a .PST file using Outlook
  • Once all mailboxes have been backed up, you will then need to update your DNS Zone File to point the records at your new Email Service
  • As soon as you have confirmed that the new DNS Zone File Records have propagated, you will need to Remove your account in Outlook & re-configure your email client by Re-adding your Email Account in Outlook 
  • Once this is confirmed as working, you will then need to Import your mailbox using the .PST backup



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