WHMCS - Registrar Module


Modules directly shipped with WHMCS are maintained by the WHMCS Core Team. Bugs and Feature Requests have to be addressed via https://whmcs.com. It is possible to migrate to our Module Variant.

We are offering our custom module for WHMCS which covers more features than the natively integrated module would ever receive. In addition, this enables us to release more frequently. Therefore, we recommend using our custom variant instead.

Supported built-in WHMCS Features

Find below Features that can be integrated based on WHMCS Registrar Functions. Some of them are optional and historically joined WHMCS.

  • Availability Check
  • Domain
    • Registration
    • Renewal
    • Transfer
  • Domain & Transfer Synchronisation
  • Registrar Lock
  • Private Nameservers
  • Manage Domain Contact Information
  • Get EPP/Auth Code
  • Additional Fields
  • IDNs

Custom Features

Here, is where we are doing it better than our competitors. Some of the below features can be enabled or disabled in the Registrar Module Settings.

  • Show Registrar System Connectivity Status

System Requirements

In our system requirements, we recommend avoiding PHP versions that have reached their End of Life (EOL), as indicated in red on the PHP Supported Versions page.

To ensure compatibility with WHMCS, please follow these steps:

Ensure to have the below packages installed on your WHMCS Server:

  • curl
  • php-curl


To install our module please download the latest version from here and follow the belows steps:

  1. Extract the entire archive contents to your WHMCS installation’s root directory
  2. Login to whmcs Admin area and activate the module.
  3. Configure the Registrar Module as necessary.
  4. Find our additional fields file and instructions here.

Additional Fields

WHMCS provides a way to define additional fields that are needed for some TLDs. We add those for our module via file /resources/domains/additionalfields.php. Initially, this file is not present and has to be manually created.

Find our example file here. Download it to /modules/registrars/tppwregistrar.

Then create the additional fields configuration file manually as follows:


Unfortunately we do not yet have support for all TLDs that have additional fields in our WHMCS module but plan to add it in future releases.

From the TLDs that require additional data we currently support: .au, .asn.au, .id.au, .com.au, .net.au and .org.au.

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