Choosing Your Selling Option

There are a number of solutions we can provide you to take the manual work out of managing and billing your clients. Depending on what level of automation you’re wanting to achieve and what products you are selling, will depend on what solution is right for you.


Reseller Admin Panel

The Reseller Admin Panel is the default selling option when partnering with us. This allows you to purchase all products/services we offer at a wholesale rate; from there it is up to you to on-sell them to your clients for a margin. This is the ideal solution if your clients don’t want self-service facilities and prefer you to purchase and manage everything on their behalf. This is also ideal when managing a small portfolio.

Click here to login to the Reseller Admin Panel and start selling.



White-label Shopfront

TPP Wholesale's white-label shopfront is a quick way for your end customers to register a domain name or purchase hosting independently. It's perfect for anyone starting out in the industry and you don't even need a website. It also allows your customers to manage their own domains and hosting without needing to call you.

Included in the white-label shopfront:

  • An admin panel through which you can configure the pricing and features of products you want to sell
  • The same admin panel allows you to search and manage your customers, their domains and products
  • To ability to brand and customise the content of all email templates sent your customers
  • An online shopfront that is easy to set up, fully customisable and through which your customers can buy and manage their services
  • FTP access to make layout and style changes to your online storefront

Setting up your white-label shopfront

Click here to be guided through the setup of your white-label shopfront.

Customising your white-label shopfront

Click here to learn how to brand your white-label shopfront


WHMCS – Client Billing and Management Solution

WHMCS is client management, billing and support solution. It's perfect for resellers who are serious about domain names and hosting. WHMCS allows you to provide a platform for your customers to purchase and administer their own services, a variety of payment options and easily contact you for support.

TPP Wholesale has created a number of WHMCS integration modules for our resellers, find out more on the WHMCS website. Firstly, the domain registrar module allows for easy domain registration, transfer and management. Secondly, the WHMCS module for reseller Cloud hosting administration makes it easy to provision Cloud hosting directly from WHMCS.

Marketing automation

Automation is the key to seamless client management. WHMCS allows you to automate every stage of your ordering process and can be configured to send renewal notifications to your customers to bill them when they expire.

Real-time domain management

Real-time domain management is a powerful asset for your clients – it ensures your customers have up-to-the-minute access to critical information. WHMCS facilitates this by allowing your clients to register, transfer, manage and renew domain names according to peaks and troughs in the business.

Integrated support

Your customer relationships live and die by your ability to provide considered responsive support. WHMCS offers an integrated support interface that makes it easy for your customers to make enquiries, ask for help and monitor the progress of their request. It also comprises additional tools such as service alerts.

Billing in multiple currencies

If you want to operate as a global business, it’s important to trade in multiple currencies. WHMCS makes light work out of international expansion thanks to global rates, built-in translation capabilities and sophisticated multilingual functionality.


Best-of-breed client management software understands that your business is not the same as everyone else’s. WHMCS fulfils this imperative by offering customisable templates that make it simple to add, edit or amend contact. It’s also configured to allow for a high level of customisation via CSS. A host of powerful features and sharp functionality means WHMCS is a great addition to any reseller’s arsenal.

Click here for information on how to install WHMCS





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