TPP Wholesale Domain Reseller API Documentation


The TPP Wholesale API allows you to build your own interface and web application which integrates with your reseller account.  It allows you to use a comprehensive list of available functions that are easy to implement.

Our API enables you to do the following:

Domain names

  • Availability checking
  • Registration & renewal
  • Transfers with domain password validation
  • Delegation requests
  • Contact updates
  • Information retrieval
  • Domain locking


  • Query prepaid account balance
  • Query order status

Cloud Reseller Hosting

  • Provisioning of pre-defined Cloud hosting packages
  • Suspension and unsuspension of Cloud hosting
  • Cancellation of Cloud hosting
  • Retrieval of control panel credentials
  • Changing between predefined Cloud hosting packages

Domain API Specification Document

Contains all of the available TPP Wholesale API commands. There are references on how to send API commands over HTTPS post.

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