Setting up your white-label shopfront


TPP Wholesale's White-label shopfront is a quick way for your end customers to register a domain name or purchase hosting independently. It's perfect for anyone starting out in the industry, and you don't even need a pre-existing website. It also allows your customers to manage their own domains and hosting without needing to call you. You can see our example site here.

Included in the Whitelabel:

- An admin panel through which you can configure the pricing and features of products you want to sell
- The same admin panel allows you to search and manage your customers, their domains and products
- A website which is easy to set up, fully customisable and allows your customers to buy and manage their services

1.Contact your Account Manager 

if you are unsure who is your account manager please email

  1. Request Whitelabel Product
  2. Registered domain name 
  3. Request cPanel to be added to the Domain

2.Setting your custom partnerconsole host name

Before setting up your Whitelabel, you will need to ensure you have a registered domain name that you want your customers to go to in order to purchase domains & services from you.

  1. Log in to the Reseller Admin Panel
  2. Hover over Account Settings > Whitelabel > Branding & Theme
  3. Under the Hostnames section:

Hostname: Enter your domain name
SSL Hostname: Enter your root domain without the TLD/domain extension (for example if my domain name is, I would enter 'mydomain')

Getting the Whitelabel Files

Click this link to download the Whitelabel files.

3.Uploading the Whitelabel files

  1. In your reseller account go to Domains > Manage > Search Domains
  2. Input the Domain that will host your Whitelabel
  3. Click on Domain Name
  4. On Dashboard, click on Cpanel on right side
  5. Upon logging in, click on File Manager & click on public_html
  6. Unzip the file that you downloaded and transfer the contents to your web hosting, ensure all files are under public_html.
  7. Transfer your logo file into the images folder, making sure the image is named "logo" and taking note of the file type (.png, .jpg, etc)

4.Whitelabel Setup

  1. Visit your new whitelabel site at (replace bolded text with your actual domain name)
  2. Enter your reseller account reference and the address (the SSL Hostname) you setup earlier then hit Submit
  3. You will see your domain prices that you've set in your reseller account - these should all match up. Confirm they're right and hit Submit.
  4. Enter your logo path (images/logo.png/.jpg depending on file type) and any details you want on your Whitelabel, you will also need to turn on any products you want to sell and lastly select the colour theme for your site before hitting Submit

Once you have finished with the setup steps, please delete the setup.php file from your File Manager or rename it. This is to stop unauthorised people from running through the setup again and reconfiguring your Whitelabel without your knowledge.

Your Whitelabel website is now complete and ready to take orders.

Updating your Whitelabel

To update your Whitelabel just upload the setup.php to your File Manager (or change the name back to setup.php) and run it again, this will allow you to update your pricing and customise your Whitelabel site. If you receive any errors we recommend downloading the zip file again and uploading a fresh copy.

Note: If your whitelabel is more than a few months old you may want to do a completely fresh install, for that download the latest version and upload all the files to your File Manager except the config.php file and your logo then re-run the setup.php

For more information on updating please click here

Please Find The Whitelabel .zip File Below

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