What is Microsoft 365 NCE?



What is Microsoft NCE?

The new commerce experience (NCE) “per seat” model for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and Power Platform subscriptions is the latest in the evolution of their CSP program. It provides resellers, such as TPP Wholesale, with new tools to simplify and manage subscriptions.


NCE short-term commitment: Monthly Subscription

• This option provides a monthly term, allowing the number of seats to be increased, decreased, or cancelled – each month – with only a month-to-month commitment required.

• Monthly subscriptions will incur a 20% premium, in recognition of the flexibility offered.

• Under this option, customers can cancel with only 30 days’ notice. Customers can also increase or reduce the number of seats purchased at the end of each month, to meet changing business requirements.

• Price increases are not protected and will increase in line with any price changes made by Microsoft/TPP

• A 72-hour cancellation window is available for new purchases.


NCE Long-term commitment: 12 Month (Annual) subscriptions

• By committing to a 12-month term, customers receive protection from cost increases for the full 12 / 36 months.

• The subscription can only be cancelled within the first 72 hours (with pro-rated billing). From this point, customers cannot cancel and will be committed to the full 12 months.

• Decreases to the number of seats purchased can’t be made within this period, but seats can be increased with pro-rated billing.

• Subscriptions can only be terminated after each 12-month term


Can a customer mix monthly/annual subscriptions under NCE?

Yes, customers are able to mix subscriptions with NCE. You can purchase a combination of both monthly term and annual term subscriptions.


What if I need to cancel?

All subscriptions come with a 72-hour cancellation window. After this period has passed, a subscription cannot be cancelled until the full term has elapsed.

Monthly subscriptions are recommended for customers who are not entirely certain of committing to a 12-month term, as this allows for cancellation at the end of each month if needed.

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