How to delete a mailbox in Microsoft 365


Step by step instructions on how to reset a mailbox password in Microsoft 365. It is important to note that You can restore deleted users and their data, except for calendar items and aliases, for up to 30 days after you delete them.


  • Visit 
  • Login using the Microsoft 365 Admin Credentials (Instructions on how to do this can be found here)
  • Once logged in, proceed to click the Admin Icon in the top left hand corner mceclip0.png
  • On the left hand side, click Users then click Active Users
  • Click on the mailbox that requires deletion
  • Click Delete User (This can be done via either option as highlighted on the screenshot below)


  • You will then be presented with the following screen


  • Click Delete user


  • Any license that was assigned to the user will become available for consumption. If you no longer require the available license then please contact Support for assistance


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