How to add users in the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre


Step by step instructions on how to add users within the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre. If you do not have any available licenses for consumption then please order this through your TPP Reseller Portal.


  • Visit 
  • Login using the Microsoft 365 Admin Credentials (Instructions on how to do this can be found here)
  • Once logged in, proceed to click the Admin Icon in the top left hand corner mceclip0.png
  • On the left hand side, click Users then click Active Users
  • Click Add a user


  • Display Name  - This is what will be displayed to a recipient when an email is sent
  • Username - This is what the Email Address will look like
  • Automatically create a password - The Microsoft 365 Admin Centre will generate a password for the user on your behalf
  • Require this user to change their password when they first sign in - This means that the user will need to set their own unique password before the service can be used (We recommend for users to visit Webmail to do this)
  • Click Next once this has been completed



  • Select location - We recommend leaving this to the default location
  • Assign user a product license - This will show the type & number of subscriptions that are available to consume
  • Click Next once this has been completed


  • Roles - We recommend in giving users only the access they need by assigning the least-permissive role (User Access)
  • Profile info - This holds the general contact information for the user that you are creating. This is an optional update as it's not required to process the order
  • Click Next once this has been completed


  • You will now be presented with the Review and finish screen which will allow for you to confirm the information and settings for this user
  • Click Finish adding to complete the process


If you are having issues accessing the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre or have forgotten your password, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.


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