How to add a domain into Microsoft 365


Step by step instructions on how to configure a domain name to use with Microsoft 365.

To Add, modify or remove domains you must be a Global Administrator. If you do not have Global Admin then please contact Support directly. These changes affect the whole tenant, Customized administrators or regular users won't be able to make these changes.


  • Sign into the Admin Centre
  • Once logged in, proceed to click the Admin Icon in the top left hand corner mceclip0.png


  • Click Settings -> Domains


  • Enter your domain and then click Use this domain


  • Ensure that Add a TXT record to the domain's DNS records is selected then click Continue


  • TXT Name - This is set to or in some cases this is left as the domain name (Please contact your Name Server Provider to confirm their requirements)
  • TXT Value - This the text record that needs to be entered into your Zone File
  • TTL - This is recommended to be set at 3600


  • Add your own DNS records - It is highly recommended to leave this setting as is as it means that Microsoft will provide you with the relevant DNS records
  • Click Continue


  • MX Record - This is the mail record required to use Microsoft 365
  • CNAME Record - This is the record which allows for you to configure your Client/Device by only using the email address & password
  • TXT/SPF Record - This is an email authentication method designed to detect forging sender addresses during the delivery of the email
  • Copy these DNS records into your providers Zone File
  • Once done, click Continue (Propagation times may vary between DNS providers but a general rule of thumb is up to 2 hours for propagation)


  • Once the DNS records have propagated, you will then be presented with the following screen which will confirm that your domain has successfully been configured to use Microsoft 365






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